About Us

We are a team of Bulgarian lawyers and immigration advisors, who are committed to helping foreigners acquire legally Bulgarian residency status and eventually become Bulgarian citizens.

We love our country and firmly believe in its fair role and place in an ever more globalised world. Bulgaria is millenia-old country with rich cultural and historical legacy. It is located on the cross-roads between Europe and Asia, north and south. This has always meant constant contact with foreign nations and people, passing tribes and merchant travelers. Not surprisingly Bulgarians are very tolerant and receptive of different cultures, values, religions, views and ways of living. Throughout history, there are numerous examples of receiving large numbers of foreigners and gradually integrating them in the society.

Bulgaria is part of United Europe and the European Union. It is becoming ever more integrated in the European market and the free exchange and movement of people, goods, services and capital. It is a peaceful country governed by law with equal opportunities for all the members of society, regardless of their ethnic origin, beliefs and religion.

Our services and solutions are completely legal. Being a legal entrant and resident keeps you capable of utilizing all available opportunities. Being legal means being completely free to develop and achieve. It is our main principle to guard the freedoms of our customers.


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