Initial Application

We start preparing your application pack immediately after you approve the detailed action plan prepared by us. Some of our clients, having gained confidence in seamlessly completing the preceding stages, opt for preparing the pack on their own or chose an alternative legal advice provider. We strongly recommend against this, as the formal application process is very important and it should be in full agreement with all the information supplied so far, as well as your future plans and objectives. In addition we will assist you in establishing yourself in business, successfully initiate university studies and all that may be necessary for you to have a smooth start in Bulgaria that is legal, well-planned and achievable. The initial application pack is submitted to the Bulgarian authorities within the period of your valid entry visa. We normally consult the authorities in advance of the application pack submission about any unclear, dubious or legally precedent issues so that we avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Documentation, Records Keeping, and Annual Submissions

After you obtain your long-term visa to remain resident in Bulgaria, we would invite you to our offices to establish a clear and streamlined process of records-keeping and documentation maintenance. All proofs of instances of entry and exit of Bulgaria should be documented and kept safe. Depending on the reason for your long-term stay, you will have to maintain thorough records of your business activities, investment activities, education process and family expenses as well as subsistence records if marrying a Bulgarian citizen is the main reason for your residence in the country. We will help you prepare the annual submissions when such are required for your type of visa.

Final Application for Leave to Remain

This is the final step for obtaining your indefinite leave to remain in Bulgaria, which you can subsequently utilise to obtain Bulgarian citizenship. This is a very serious undertaking as it summarises and compiles documents from your entire five-year stay in Bulgaria. Any errors, omissions or deliberate misrepresentations can serve as formal grounds for rejection. This is not a one-off procedure but rather a finishing stage of your entire documented legally sound stay in Bulgaria within the bounds of the initially issued and subsequently prolonged long-term stay visa. We recommend that you maintain records of all activities as prescribed by us and start early preparation as considerable time may be spent in compiling and producing evidence as required.


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