Available Opportunities

Bulgaria is economically underdeveloped compared to most other member countries of the European Union. As a result of this and very generous development stimulus package provided by the European Union, strong convergence and economic growth processes are at play.

These offer tremendous opportunities for creating and developing business initiatives. An important attraction is the existence of still many unattended and unserved market niches compared to the other developed members of the European Union.

The country is becoming a preferred choice for retirement too. The comparatively low average costs of living and subsistence stretch your savings and pension wealth further. Combined with the country’s mild climate and proximity to the main cultural centers in Europe, this makes Bulgaria a very attractive place to live post retirement.

Bulgaria has rich experience in providing education to foreign nationals and historically used to be one of the main destinations for acquiring education of reasonable quality for the young people from the developing countries. Flexibility is a key feature of Bulgarian higher education. This can be combined with both employment and entrepreneurial activities resulting in a rich academic and practical experience and adolescence.


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