Interview and Detailed Planning Preparation and Fees

We can move to the next stage after we identify and agree on a particular immigration route. We will kindly ask you to cover the interview and the detailed planning fee before coming to Bulgaria, so that we can work on your case whilst you are arranging you travelling formalities. We may have to provide you with additional advice so that you will have a seamless and well-reasoned justification for obtaining an entry visa to Bulgaria. Depending on your status quo we may advise you to complete certain preparatory actions, such us vocational training, education, business plan preparation or submit additional documents such as three years’ accounts of your existing business if applicable and other documentation and certification as seen necessary. Once we agree a particular course of action that is realistic and achievable we will invite you to come to Bulgaria for its implementation.

Interview and Immigration Route Detailed Planning

During this stage we will suggest to you one or more detailed and thorough particular immigration action-plans that are suitable and feasible for you. This will be accompanied by sound reasoning for your immigration that is true, factual, realistic and in full correspondence with your background, education, life goals and all of your preferences.


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